The Athletics built on its World Series appearance by winning in the final inning of the 2012 Regional Championship to advance to the World Series in Florida. Then after losing to a31-0 Texas team in the first game of the World Series, the A’s won five straight including the championship on a walk-off homer in the 9th to bring home the League’s first National title since the Series began in 1935. The Athletics shattered numerous ATL records that year including most runs scored by a wood bat team (201) most consecutive league wins (18) in a season, most consecutive league wins (23) spanning two seasons, and had the most wins in the league forth 7th straight year. During this era, the ATL also established an intern program where students work all summer for the league designing game day programs, compiling weekly reports, posting on Twitter and Facebook, and assisting with game management.

In 2013, the ATL began working with a new group of umpires. Following the departure of the College Baseball Umpires, the League entered into a contract with the Eastern New York Umpires Association. TODAY, the league has a dynamic web site thanks to the work of Bill Kelts, Sr. and Bill Kelts,Jr. who also manage the Waterford franchise. Fans are also informed with blast emails of weekly league reports and on Twitter and Facebook, which is where interns post game results and schedules as well. Over the last decade, despite the growth of wood bat collegiate leagues across New York State drawing players from the ATL, the league has still enjoyed enthusiastic crowds, close pennant races, local, state and national tournaments, past and future professional players, to continue to add to its strong history and tradition.