Game Boxscore:

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Legends Lockers Hawks (10), Albany Thunder (2)
Legends Lockers Hawks 10 0 0
Albany Thunder 2 0 0


         It was Thursday July 13th and the daytime precipitation did not yield much hope that there would be a baseball game that night. The Hawks and The Albany Thunder were scheduled to compete on the diamond, meanwhile mixed signals were flying in from all angles.          Brian Carr was slated to take the mound for The Hawks but with the game hanging in the balance, the only certainty was that Carr’s offensive refuses to score when he is on the mound. We were able to catch up with Bob Peluso who put it quite simply.          “We want Brian to know he’s not getting any runs from us so that he knows he has no margin for error.” Peluso explained.          A wise man once said managing expectation is crucial to future success. This is a life lesson the Carr is learning the hard way. The Hawks would continue to pound this message home as the game went scoreless through 4 innings. No mixed signals here, it was our old friend Frank who would provide the confusion.          I know what you are thinking, and the answer is yes. This is the same Frank whose heroics allowed The Hawks and Lids to get a game in despite heavy rain. This is the same Frank who would flip the script tonight and play the role of spoiler. Mixed signals.          The tarps were on the field when both teams arrived indicating someone wanted the game to be played, we would soon find out that Frank wasn’t that person. The field required a small amount of prep after the tarps were removed and Frank’s first order of action was to deny access to any tools that would help prepare the field. After rumblings of a riot grew, Frank reluctantly agreed to open the door, but ideas to foil the night still ran through his mind.          As eager players rushed multiple bags of quick dry material to the field, Frank saw his opening. Flailing his arms, Frank announced his presence with authority. He would not allow the use of quick dry. The teams would have to wait for nature to run its course and the water to evaporate.          Not on Bill Miles watch. League President Miles, upon receiving word of the debacle, overruled Frank and demanded the quick dry be used. Frank gave one last push only to be shut down once again by Miles. There were no crossed signals here.            As if the pre-game perplexing wasn’t enough, The Hawks sent a mixed message of their own to starter Brian Carr. Over the final 3 innings of the game, the team shattered the mold and scored 10 runs to defeat The Thunder 10-2. Carr was not sure what to think.