Game Boxscore:

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Pinnacle Blue Jays (1), Legends Lockers Hawks (7)
Pinnacle Blue Jays 1 0 0
Legends Lockers Hawks 7 0 0


Hurry up and wait. It was Friday night at Bleecker Stadium and the potential for inclement weather was visibly present. The Hawks and Lids had to act swiftly if they were going to preserve the field for use. If not for the savvy of a long time Bleecker Stadium employee, all chances of a ball game may have been lost.          When approached for comment, the employee refused to give his name, stating he was simply doing his job. For the sake of this piece, we will refer to him as Frank. Much like the mother ship in the Will Smith thriller “Independence Day”, an ominous cloud moved in on the stadium. The Hawks scrambled to cover the most important parts of the field, or so they thought. As the Hawks (with help from Lids player/coach Keith Daley) dragged the tarps and quickly tried to pin them down, Frank slowly began his descent down the hill from the Bleecker Stadium office to the ball field.          Once Frank reached the gate, he was met by Hawk players Fred Estes and Nick Papas. The two paused, noticing the purposeful glare on Franks face. He took a deep breath and pointed.          “There” he said.          Frank was focused on a small area just in front of where you may find the second baseman positioned. Intrigued by his confidence, Estes and Papas blindly went along with the plan. The three men laid a tarp, about ten feet long, four feet wide, on the area of concern.          As the rain came and went, the specifically placed tarp acted as virtual drain. When the rain ceased, the tarp was dry. Does Frank know something we don’t about that precise location or did it just not rain as much as we thought? You make the call.            Once the players and coaches were done thanking and congratulating Frank, there was a baseball game to be played. The moist conditions were evident from the start, as the Hawks scored 7 runs in the first inning to capture victory 7-1.