Game Boxscore:

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Albany Thunder (0), Legends Lockers Hawks (3)
Albany Thunder 0 0 0
Legends Lockers Hawks 3 0 0


                A Dreary day turned in to beautiful night for a ball match as two of the hottest teams in the Twilight League took the field in Waterford. The Albany Thunder have won 3 of their last 4, each win coming against playoff contenders. They would wrangle with The Hawks who have won 9 out of 10. With that string of wins, The Hawks had a chance to secure a playoff spot on the last night of the regular season. This scenario would not have been possible without various pieces falling in to place.                           This particular game was officially rained out as of 5 PM, just 3 hours before the first pitch that nobody saw coming. Thanks to some savvy back room dealings by never present General Manager Bill Behrle, the contest was relocated to Waterford where the rain doesn’t stands a chance.                          Although eliminated from post season contention, The Thunder are weaving a tangled web that is the Twilight League playoff picture. A week ago, with the Troy Haymakers one win from mathematically eliminating The Hawks, The Thunder swept a double header with Troy opening the door to the playoffs. After giving life, The Thunder would look to take it away from The Hawks on this night.                          Thanks to factors out of their control, The Hawks now had their chance. America loves the comeback story and The Hawks seemed intent on completing one of the best in Twilight League history. The league has never seen a team start 3-10 and make the playoffs in the same year. We caught up with Carlos Maldonado before the game.                  “A lot of people thought we had our chance, but really our hands were firmly around the chances neck” Maldonado said.                          Tim Burek started his third game as a Hawk and it was a different night but the same story. Burek allowed 2 hits on his way to his third complete game shutout in as many outings. The offense was led by Marc Peluso who went 0-2 with two strike outs while leaving 4 men on base. Carlos Maldonado added an RBI double as the Hawks took the night 3-0.